Taking the time to convey your feelings into the written word will not only be a therapeutic process in itself, but will also help your therapist to understand the true source of your issues thus enabling them to help improve your quality of life.

There 5 benefits of email counselling

  1. When writing your email to one of our highly qualified therapists, you will have time to reflect on your personal emotions and feelings.
  2. Putting your thoughts and on paper can be a great tool in the healing process. Acknowledging and validating your feelings is the first step in gaining a greater quality of life.
  3. Your correspondence with your therapist is all recorded in your emails, allowing you to reread your therapist’s words in times of hardship.
  4. We are available internationally, 24/7.
  5. Email counselling is highly flexible, as there is no need to book an appointment, and you can work your written email over a period of days, similar to journaling. Once your email has been sent, your therapist will allocate an hour of therapy to cautiously examine it, evaluate what you have written and offer therapeutic aid.

What to write in an email?

  1. Put the name of the counsellor you would like to email
  2. Give few details about your age, relationship status, your pursuits, and a brief on your mental health history.
  3. Write what is troubling you and how this has affected you
  4. Send the email to Admin@OnlineTherapy247.com

Please remember that this is a safe and trusting space to discuss your issues with a highly qualified and empathetic therapist

Email counselling cost?

At the moment we offer packs of 6 sessions. Each session includes an email of up to 1,000 words and an answer from your therapist.   One session cost £35 and 6 sessions is £180 (£30 each).

For email counselling, please allow up to 72 hours for your reply to be completed but we endeavour to send it to you earlier.  Please send email to  Admin@OnlineTherapy247.com.


One Session, Six Sesssions